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Architects and other design professionals manage a number of varied projects, with needs for a diverse range of outdoor furniture and products. Outdoor dining, outdoor seating & sofas, patio & balcony furniture, pool chairs & sun beds, garden umbrellas, outdoor bars & accessories, and landscape pottery, is what Ellements offers to help designers meet the specific requirements of their client’s projects.

Design professionals aim to make every space look & feel different, and the diversity in Ellements outdoor furniture helps in making this possible. We offer designers the choice to customize every single product to meet design requirements and the definitive needs of their every project. From choosing your configuration, furniture, its color, wicker pattern, and upholstery fabric, the choice is all yours.

Project customers and homeowners have many parameters when choosing outdoor furniture, and in most cases, it is premium design and luxury in mind. Ellements has just the right range of bespoke furniture for them. We also have the product bandwidth and appropriate solutions more than anything else, for those keen on practicality and proper space utilization.

A design professional’s clientele includes luxury hotels, corporate offices, malls, IT parks, and restaurant chains that look more for design and practicality than luxury. Private residences and vacation homes look for a totally different range of luxury-based premium outdoor furniture. Ellements provides a diverse range of products and solutions to designers to meet the distinct needs of their customers. The customization we offer, adds great value by helping them make every space look unique and different based on their design.

When architects and design professionals recommend Ellements outdoor furniture, we ensure that our customers get the best products and value over time, with the help of our exceptionally premium products, services, and solutions.


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