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About Us

Brand Ellements is built around the philosophy of premium outdoor living. Our range of outdoor furniture, patio furniture and other outdoor products deliver unparalleled aesthetics and durability to redefine the long term experience of outdoor living. For over 14 years now, Ellements products have successfully enriched outdoor spaces at projects and homes alike.

Ellements offers an exquisite range of exceptional quality outdoor furniture and other products to various customer segments in the project industry, institutions and home owners. We believe each customer is different, and the design and manufacture of our products reflects just that. We are today a preferred brand of outdoor furniture and products primarily because of our ‘no compromise’ attitude on individual customer needs. We pride ourselves in giving our customers not just products but solutions of value by choosing us.

Our exhaustive product range, combined with the freedom to customize or mix and match, enables Ellements to meet the definitive needs of hotels, project customers or discerning home owners looking for a contemporary makeover or an aesthetically modern surrounding. This collection of the finest outdoor products allows you to create distinctive spaces that are stylish, design oriented and importantly comfortable. At Ellements, our products are put together and manufactured with ergonomics, quality and customer comfort as traits.

Customer Category

Since 2009, Ellements has serviced customers across various segments, refining and redefining outdoor living with premium outdoor furniture and other outdoor products. Our unstinting focus on customer satisfaction and delight has earned us the position of being a preferred supplier, with great reviews from our prestigious client base.

Ellements clientele is primarily grouped into enterprise and retail customers. Enterprise customers constitute influencers such as architects, consultants, and design professionals, besides projects and the hospitality sector. Our project customers include small to large residential apartment and villa projects, commercial projects, IT parks, clubs, embassies, consulates, malls and corporates. Hotels, resorts and restaurant chains form our hospitality customer base. Retail customers are apartment owners, urban residences, houses, holiday homes and personal residential retreats or vacation homes.

Each of our customers have definitive needs. Projects require products based on functionality and practicality at affordable prices. Home owners’ needs are influenced by comfort and complementing design and other décor. Their emphasis is on individuality, style and exclusivity. Our premium products are available for all different kinds of customer segments. We service their needs based on the product specifications, delivering solutions with durability and aesthetics.

Brand Services

As a brand adding new dimensions to outdoor living, Ellements offers a host of exclusive services to our customers. We take you right through a pre-sale process of understanding your specific needs and evaluating the available spaces. Our team then suggest the most practical solution for that space, with design drawing if required for project requirements. We then offer different choices and recommend the right solution for your need, and at times offering perfect solutions even for unconventional requirements.

The next step is to select the right furniture and have it tailor-made to your taste. We guide customers through the options and configuration of the product, colours, weave pattern of the wicker and also the kind and colour of the upholstery fabric. Every customer therefore gets exclusive products to enjoys for years.

At Ellements, we don’t stop with just selling you our products. We offer excellent after sale service both during and beyond the warranty period. Being outdoor furniture and outdoor products, situations do arise where they may be damaged due to inadvertent mishandling or for other reasons. In such cases, we offer servicing and repairs even beyond the warranty period.

Market Reach

At Ellements, we sell, deliver and service products to different customer categories – from the hospitality industry, residential & commercial projects to institutions and home owners – basically any kind customer at any location across the length and breadth of the country. We service customers in different locations across India for projects in coastal or in high altitude areas, or any remote area for that matter. Although our products are primarily designed and manufactured with the option to customize and order, customers can choose their products online and, with the excellent logistic support that we extend, get them delivered anywhere in India with no fuss whatsoever. Ellements provides exceptional value to customers by reaching out to them in any part of the country and enhancing their outdoor living experience.

Ellements has serviced customers across mainland India, from Hrishikesh to Kanyakumari and regularly in the Andaman islands. We deliver outdoor furniture to holiday resorts that are set up in remote hill stations and other far flung places. Distance or inaccessibility does not hinder our uncompromising customer service.

Our outdoor furniture and products are manufactured from premium raw materials to survive the onslaught of all extreme tropical climatic conditions across the country and still look as good as new. We have proudly served over 450 hotels and resorts and more than 2000 happy homes during the 14 years of our operation.

Why Choose Ellements

Solution is what we provide

We understand definitive needs of all customers alike and provide solutions based on their preferences and importantly needs. Right from product selection to customisation, through delivery and post sales service, we are with you all the way making sure you get the best by choosing us.


Ellements offers an unparalleled range of premium, extraordinary quality, high performing products that meet stringent international quality standards. Our distinctive ‘no compromise’ product lines are preferred by discerning customers because they are last exceptionally long in outdoor conditions.


Our long-lasting relationship for over 14 years with customers across various segments has been a result of our reputed sales service that we are known for. From helping you choose the right product all the way through to delivery and any after sales service, we know what it takes to deliver the best.

Genuine product warranty

Ellements outdoor furniture is covered under a genuine repair or replacement warranty. Supplying exceptional quality products made from the finest raw materials and craftsmanship is an ethos we have lived by, ensuring our customers get the best outdoor products available, backed by a no-questions asked warranty assurance.

Why Choose Ellements


Ellement’s reputation and relationship with customers has been the result of providing solutions for every customer. Our wide range facilitates solving luxury, comfort, functional or utilitarian needs of customers who are looking for high value but low maintenance outdoor solutions.


At Ellements, we maintain exemplary quality standards across all product lines. Our range includes innovative and high-performance products for the uncompromising customer that last extraordinary lifetimes in outdoor conditions with minimal maintenance. All products are covered by a warranty.


Our long-lasting relationship with customers since 2008 across hospitality chains, hotels, restaurants, project developers and retail customers has been a result of our reputed sales support and localized after sales service that we are known for. We know what it takes to deliver the best to customer across different sectors and help them keep it that way..

Genuine product warranty

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