Premium outdoor furniture deserves nothing but the best when it comes to outdoor fabrics. Outdoor fabrics are associated with vibrant colors and comfort. They are high-tech, water-repellent fabrics specifically made for use across a wide range of furniture. They are highly durable and come with excellent aesthetics. These premium fabrics add a distinct look to outdoor seating and sofas, outdoor dining sets, patio and balcony furniture, pool chairs and sun beds, garden umbrellas, etc.

Ellements offers a range of the world’s best outdoor fabrics, as the preferred choice to embellish our outdoor furniture range. Our choice of outdoor and patio furniture fabrics are produced from the toughest acrylic fibers and solution-dyed to resist stains and deterioration with outdoor exposure. They will not fade or wash out and are sure to remain colorful for years. Available in a wide range of colors and options, our premium outdoor fabrics are cool and soft against the skin and make the furniture very comfortable for a really long time.

Our range of outdoor fabrics can also be used indoors or in any application where enhanced fabric performance is preferred. Adorn your bespoke outdoor furniture with premium outdoor fabrics from Ellements. Feel the vibrancy and energy of bright colors and take outdoor living to the next level.

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